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TTT-casting, was established in 2022 under the same roof to meet the casting needs of TTT-auto company , and started its operations by making all technological investments of the sector.


TTT-casting, was established in 2022 under the same roof to meet the casting needs of TTT-auto company, and started its operations by making all technological investments of the sector.

It manufactures parts weighing between 1 kg and 50 kg in the form of ductile iron and cast iron in a closed area of ​​3500 m². It meets modern and healthy working conditions in accordance with international norms.

Our company produces with 600x700 mm, 60 molds/hour capacity jacketed automatic molding machine and casting line, 18 tons/hour capacity fully automatic sand preparation system and 2x1 tons/hour capacity induction melting furnaces. Our annual casting capacity is 1800 tons.

The products we produce are produced by using all the possibilities of technology from raw material acceptance to the final product, covering all the technical features of the original parts, by making model design, casting simulation, molding sand tests, material spectral analysis before casting, metallographic tests after casting and mechanical strength tests.

Due to the importance we attach to the environment and our employees, it is equipped with a furnace with a capacity of 90,000 m³/hour and a filter system that provides ambient ventilation.


Our goal is to produce reliable and endurable products beyond the expectations of our customers, by aiming the perfection in our operations. To this end, we apply and follow international standards on our competence, products and processes, and continuously improve our quality management system. We aim to become the pioneer in our country in Caliper Kits and Caliper Repair Kits to become the business partner that is desired by our customers in the international market.

Through our constant technological investments and research and development activities, we enhance our production efficiency and competition capacity in each day and use our resources in a more effective way. To do so, we handle even the smallest non-conformities, and monitors our processes with data, and in order to make the customer satisfaction constant, we assess the changing expectations of our customers and we ensure the rapid spread from senior management to the lowest.

We attach great importance to create a safe and secure business environment which is a home for many happy employees. In order to enable everyone engaged in our organization to have a higher level of competency, knowledge and skills, we create and promote training opportunities constantly. We encourage innovative and creative opinions.

We act with the awareness that we can achieve the success which we aim with long-term strategic business partnerships in integrity with our, customers and suppliers, in terms of internal and external issues.

For our customers, suppliers and employees, as a key to achieve the quality targets of TTT-casting, we fulfill our responsibilities and undertake to be in the effort of “CONSTANT DEVELOPMENT” in compliance with all principles, laws and regulations.


        TTT-casting positions its Human Resources Management in the center of business strategies and aims to manage all HR practices in an integrated system to increase its competitive power, to maintain its leadership in the sector with its quality products and services.

In line with this, we aim to improve our practices continuously by following approaches;

  • 1- Shaping our processes compliant with occupational health and safety policies and responsibilities.
  • 2- Offering high quality and measureable training and development opportunities for employees to ensure continuous improvement.
  • 3- Focusing on our talents, creating opportunities for employees thus enabling them to become aware of their individual skills, develop and use their potentials.
  • 4- Employing a workforce who sees differences as a challenging opportunity and who embraces diversity.
  • 5- Supporting teamwork and fostering teammate awareness.
  • 6- Supporting Employees’ work-life balance.
  • 7- Serving the welfare of the society with high-conscious individuals who have sense of responsibility for individual, social and environmental problems.


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